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Default 8th Pokemon Movie Next Summer & Special Nintendo DS Feature!

8th Pokemon Movie Next Summer & Special Nintendo DS Feature!

The next Pokemon movie, making it the 8th Pokemon movie, will be released in Summer 2005, in Japan. The movie is big news, but there are also plans to make the movie even more special. Nintendo plans to offer a new service during the movie in theaters, which allows movie goers to download various things to their game by using the wireless technology built in to the Nintendo DS.

"You just need to bring the DS and one of the Pokemon software for Game Boy Advance and you'll be downloading some unique Pokemon data while you watch the movie," Satoru Iwata said, who is President of Nintendo. Nintendo DS is compatible with all GBA games, just to clarify what Iwata said there.

Nintendo On It's Own For Movies?
Also being talked about is the possibility that Nintendo might make animated movies by itself, and not make them along side with other partner companies.

"We'll decide whether we would do it or not by the end of December," Iwata said.

Back in the US...
We're still awaiting word on the 7th Pokemon movie, which features Deoxys. There's currently no release date set. The last Pokemon movie that was released in the US, the 6th movie, Jirachi Wish Maker, was a direct release to DVD/VHS. So it's highly likely that the 7th Pokemon movie will hit DVD/VHS directly as well.

*For news complete with pictures, go to the website:
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