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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

here's my idea:

Jigglypuff and Ganondorf are members of an alliance called the Super Star Brothers. The plot takes place in random Super Smash Brothers worlds and many characters are from Super Smash Brothers. Ganondorf is the leader and Jigglypuff is just the servant. Later in the series, Jigglypuff gets a beam sword, a mask, and a gangster outfit and is called Luke by Ganondorf. The two guys are really a tough alliance. There's just one problem...

...they're both idiots xD. Yep. Both of them. Mainly Ganondorf for some unknown reason. I also made the Jiggster a real tyrant, lemme tell ya. Sometimes, they have a few problems and end up having horrible life experiences such as a terrible bond with Ganondorf and a computer and Jigglypuff and some enchiladas. The whole story is just not understandable sometimes, but there's alot of action involved.

rate and comment. And read it by clicking the link in my sig.

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