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Default Re: Gold/Silver/Crystal Game Discussion

Originally Posted by Finchy View Post
Cancel that, Eevee evolved into an Espeon about ten minutes ago. I was a mere level away from making it evolve :D! It's now at level 45, and I'm gonna be deciding a moveset for it very soon. Next up is getting my Dragonair into a Dragonite ^^
Espeon is awesome. I never liked the origional three evolutions of Eevee, but Espeon and Umbreon made the pokemon worth my time.

Dragonair... that thing is a pain in the rear end to raise. Good luck!

Okay, maybe not as bad as the twenty levels of magikarp :P

I was going over the changes I would make to a pokemon game IF I were to make one in the future (not saying it'll happen... but I downloaded RPG maker a few days ago) just for me and my friends, as a sort of, 'what could I do with this genre' and my friend actually seriously suggested making Gyarados better. I was like, "HUH?!?!"

I woulda guessed Gyarados. And Dragonite blows, its all about Dragonair
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