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Default Re: 7th Pokemon Movie: New Trailer and New Poster!

Originally Posted by CuteMew
You know, I'm getting a hunch about Mewtwo and Deoxys. They may be long lost brothers! Cause see, Mewtwo can clone. Deoxys can clone. They are both psychic. They both look wierd (LOL!). They were both somehow created.


From what I've seen Deoxys doesn't clone other Pokemon like Mewtwo does he Duplicates himself. Which from the looks of things is one of his three forms powers ( all the clones look the same as his Red form ).
I guess that could be a problem for all the life loving people of the planet.

This is just speculation though.

Still looks very, very good.

Ive still got to see the 3 movies before this one, guess Im gunna have to import them from the states since I can't find them over here ( Sunny England )
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