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Default Pokemon: rock, ice, steel

Uh, yeah. i felt like regirock, regiice, and registeel were getting a bit neglected. SO, i decided to make a game made for them.

ok, Pokemon: Rock, Pokemon: ice, and Pokemon: steel are RSE remakes, but with a new plot, pokemon, characters and all that.

Plot Designer and Founder: Bulbachu
Co-Founder and Spriter:
GameMaker and Spriter:
Trainer Spriter/spriter: umbreonandespeon
Trainer Spriter/spriter:
Map Maker/Spriter: kitten_Gal
Pokemon/Trainer Spriter/names:
Anyone can contribute pokemon [credit will be given!]


Your Name:
Job you want:
Examples of Your Work:
all new pokes, except regirock, regiice, and registeel
8 new badges

The basic Idea- Beginning of the game
you wake up one morning and your mom calls you downstairs. she's looking out the window, and tells you it's raining. ignoring your mom, you walk outside to Prof. cedar's house. Today was the day you were going to become a pokemon trainer!

later, after you get your pokemon, someone on the way out of town comments on the bad weather, and it starts to hail/snow/sleet depending on which game you're playing. you rush to the nearest town to get inside, and you meet your rival there!

that's just the beginning!
No cursing.
No stealing!

the evil team Regis is trying to get registeel, regirock, and regiice together so they can wake up regigigas and use him to take over the world. it's YOUR job to stop them, and to make sure the three regis aren't used for evil purposes.
regiice can be found on Snowfall Mt., you have to fight The Ice admin to reach him.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
I can do tons of things, but not programming, unfortunatly. ^-^;

As for a forum, It'll probably be on proboards.
i'll have it ready soon. I'll post the link here when it's ready.

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