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Default Re: Gold/Silver/Crystal Game Discussion

Current team:

Lv.52 Ampharos @ Amulet Coin

Lv.48 Typhlosion @ Quick Claw
-Fire Spin

Lv.43 Eevee @ Pink Bow
-Quick Attack
-Take Down
-Shadow Ball

Lv.44 Ho-oh @ Sacred Ash
-Sacred Fire

Lv.41 Gyrados
-Icy Wind
-Dragon Rage

Lv.40 Dragonair @ Dragon Fang
- Dragon Rage
- Thunder Wave
- Twister
- Surf

Everything's getting a complete overhaul (may even start breeding :o) so don't rate this. I've beaten the E4 with ease and am halfway through the Kanto Badges. One thing that's really cheesing me off though is that my damned Eevee won't get friendly enough to evolve. As you can see, it's been with me for 22 levels, it's never left my sight and I've taken it for 4 haircuts to date, more coming soon. Has anyone got any good hints to make it evolve quicker? :(
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