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Send your friend code and name and battle with friends or random people for that matter. tis all fun n games and i may even try to set a tiny tournament up. ^^
2 3 3 0
09:05 AM
A team as strong as Space it's self!
16 3 7 0
07:45 AM
This is for all the fans of the Shiny or Non-Shiny Eevee Family! Long live Eevee <3
9 3 7 0
03:32 AM
Clockwork Destiny. It centers around this academy that hosts a month long competition in which the students in the school compete for the title of clockwork knights. Anyway, inside the school there is a temporal stasis field that can turn a month of real world time into years of temporal displacement time. The parents sign a field trip "form" for the students to compete but the form is actually a waiver for the students. If the students are hurt then the time managers rewind time and the wound is healed
5 3 9 0
11:21 PM
U like making spites? Good because thats what we do. If you have talent, bonus! If you don't we teach you. So whatcha waiting for join!
30 3 29 0
07:14 PM
Hiya there. Are you a fan of the Sinnoh region? Then you can come in and join don't be shy. Here we talk about our times in the Sinnoh region like in the game. You can join anytime if i accept. :)
4 3 14 0
11:55 AM
a place where anyone can be a gym leader
14 3 17 0
11:27 PM
Yo if you play SSBB then give me your wifi code so we can brawl.
8 3 5 0
07:09 PM
Where anything can and does happen. This group is intended for all the what-not and Hijinx that may or maynot be clan related.
35 3 20 0
04:30 AM
hi im woodchuck Clan-related discussion goes here guize :D [HIWC] stands for friendship, loyalty, and partying above anything else. Of course, we wanna win, but there's no point if you don't have fun doing it amirite? As such our rules are the following: 1. Don't be a douche. 2. Yell HI IM WOODCHUCK upon entering any form of battle or competition. That is all. If you want to join this multi-platform, all-game clan, then PM Finch.
8 3 19 1
07:40 PM
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