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You a Pokemon Fan? come join this group today! We will talk about becoming a Pokemon Master!!! Pika pi
5 5 7 0
12:37 AM
At the Enrichment Center, we are dedicated to the discussion of all topics related to the Enrichment Center. Thank you for helping us help you help us all.
2 5 5 0
03:38 AM
An organization whose main goal is to expand the Earth's landmass to make more habitable room for land pokémon. This is to be achieved by awakening Groudon. (a revival of the old Team Magma)
19 5 29 0
06:37 AM
A new kind of trainers' coalition based on democratic, egalitarian ideals and free battling, breaking away from the Smogon model to make battling more fun for members. FDTS coalition thread:
12 5 18 0
02:58 PM
Join all pokemon game owners even if you have just pokemon GBA games join now!!!! Host giveaways sites and trades. Battles also! NOTE***** This group of all the websites i've visited was the most popular so if you like pokemon play it and enjoy it Join!
16 5 13 0
09:06 PM
Do you love team Galactic and all of there freakin' annoying Pokémon? Like Golbat and Croagunk? Or do you love the idea of a new world? In this group you will go through tough challenges in order to gain Pokémon. When you win a battle against me or other top trainers grunts and commanders you earn Pokémon. Good Pokémon. Pokémon that are so good, you willbe blinded when you see them. .::Here is the ranking system::. Ultimate Leader- Only one, all capabilities/powers/pokémon Commanders- Only three Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. All capabilities/powers Executives- The best of the best battlers, only seven. Smartypants- They have been active and have discussed many different aspects of Team Galactic Grunts- New members
3 5 10 0
04:29 PM
Spriters Only!!!!
14 5 22 0
03:52 PM
a Group that everyone who is in it recives awnser to questions about the bible. Or recives a monthly or weekly study for them to read to under stand the bible better. This Group will be useing KJV bible And will use Pentacostal faith to base it off of.
5 5 17 0
10:11 PM
Do you collect legendarys? Dream of having all the legendarys? Well, if your a fan of legendary in any way, this is the group for you! We can help you get legendarys and answer your questions!
34 5 95 0
12:48 AM
Greetings and welcome to the headquarters of the League Master Association. We are a secretive group. You may take part in missions, Roleplay Battles, and discussions as a League Master. If you are an active member here, you will always be accepted in any roleplay involving this organization.
3 4 6 0
04:13 AM
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