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well have different ranks
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If you're writing a fan fiction, but no one seems to be reading it, you can create a new discussion exclusively for your fic, post chapters on it, and insert your fic's link in the LINKS HERE discussion. Trust me, the results of you doing this will satisfy your thirst for success!
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02:26 AM
We are fans of the show Doctor who
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02:05 PM
If you have any shineys I can have then please I dont have many I have rikou,enti,suicune and garadose.My sister has shiney absol(mine), zangoose,enti,rikou and suicune!Feel free to trade with me(or other people) P.S. If you are a girl like me than it is OK to join even if you are shineyless!
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05:40 AM
For all you fans of the Court of Justice, here is what you've been waiting for! Whether you're a defense or prosecuting attorney, a witness, the judge, or even the criminal, feel free to join us.
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join if you are a fan of gir or zim
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join if you are a fan of gir or zim or love the show
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if love shiny pokemon this is the group for you we will trade and help billed your shiny team
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08:00 PM
if you like shadow luigia and shiny pokemon then this is the clube you we will trade shinys and have fun
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12:06 AM
pvz plants and zombies, unite!
3 4 10 0
01:43 AM
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