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Libra in-humainly forced me into making him a fan club so here it is I suppose. :/ Join if you support teh libby?
16 1 21 0
01:18 AM
Where anything can and does happen. This group is intended for all the what-not and Hijinx that may or maynot be clan related.
35 3 20 0
04:30 AM
The Pokerus League is now closed on PE2K; for simplicity purposes it has been relocated the the official website of the Pokerus Empire, here: Link back to the .:P÷KÚRuS Empire:.
20 15 38 0
10:17 PM
Answer a few questions. Do you like to sprite? Have you created Fakemon? Do you like team projects? Have you created a fake region, fake gym leaders, cool concepts or have excellent ideas? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions... COME ON IN AND JOIN THE PARTY! You are officially invited to the Fake Region Club! Here you will be able to participate in group regions and projects, get C+CC for Fakemon designs/concepts/sprites, maps and ideas and showcase your region/ideas/Fakemon. We'd love you to join! (It's alright, we don't bite. ;~;)
16 2 16 0
10:33 AM
Who WOULDN'T like the Wicked Witch? Discuss your favorite characters, your favorite songs, your favorite scenes, etc.
1 0 0 0
The council of the Galaxy. The main purpose of this is to analyze, investigate, and even protect nearby planets. Most members will be invited from The Alien Club. The U.G.F. will never tolerate any anomalies done by any planets.
6 3 65 0
01:04 PM
Join if you are 12 year old/ 11 or whatever liek idc just freakin join :)
5 1 6 0
12:12 AM
Where the authors of stories and poems...And everything in between come to chat, and otherwise plot on how to horribly mutilate their characters. Oh yeah, and spoilers - the villain dies at the end! :O
11 2 38 0
05:26 PM
Have you ever been to the New Wilmington Mission Conference? Is it like your second home? Then joine this club!!
1 1 1 0
07:39 PM
1 1 3 0
01:38 AM
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