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My 3rd Eeveelutions group. It is for those who love the eeveelutions. When Platinum comes out in America we will discuss it. We also talk about other things. This is a Christian group. We are currently coming up with movesets for our suggested possible Eeveelutions. If you wish to join then PM me or leave a VM OR you can ask someone who has already joined if I'll invite you. Soon we will be holding Wifi competitions.
7 1 225 0
04:23 PM
A palace for those who wants to have a good time. EAT, SLEEP, HAVE GAMES, AND SO ON
10 2 206 0
01:54 AM
The title says it all... If you're a friendly person, kind and want to have friends, JOIN HERE.
25 1 193 0
02:32 AM
Simple as the guild title is, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR CUTE POKEMON LOVERS. Discuss and show how you love this CUTE POKEMONS.
29 3 191 0
02:05 AM
This is the place 4 U if U R a total Pokemon fanatic and one of UR fave Pokemon is Darkrai (Like myself!)!
31 6 184 0
08:23 PM
For fans of Eevee, Vaporeon, Flareon, Umbreon, Jolteon, Espeon, Glaceon, and Leafeon.
52 1 173 0
09:06 PM
If you're a singer, a dancer, or someone who has a talent, JOIN. Post songs, create some dance moves, and so on.
8 1 154 0
07:51 AM
The great to the best Role Players join up just because we have free will! anyone that wants to RP better is free to join and be tutored by those who are willing to teach the new and willing.
56 1 154 0
07:50 PM
Anime and a lifestyle. :3
97 2 151 0
04:20 PM
You like Kingdom Hearts? Talk about it here and tell us what you know!
41 1 148 0
01:37 AM
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