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Who WOULDN'T like the Wicked Witch? Discuss your favorite characters, your favorite songs, your favorite scenes, etc.
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Be One Of The Bionic Six Jack Bionic One Helen Mother One Meg Rock One Already Taken By (Me) Eric Sport One Bunji Karate One
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Invite anyone who has lip hair or a full grown mustache. :P
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Are you crazeh at GuitarHero?!?11one??won1!? Then this is the right Group for ya..
1 1 2 0
05:08 AM
This group is only for members named "silverfrost"
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02:24 AM
What do you think? :P
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For all the Greeks and Cypriots of PE2K. Also for those who like Greece and/or Cyprus.
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This is a Scrubs Fan club! Don't join if you don't know what Zoom, Zoom, Zoom is =/
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07:35 PM
A Place to Gloat About Your Shiny Pokemon Collection, Discuss Shiny Pokemon in General, and Share Experiences with Chaining ect.
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Ultimate Power Discussion, all the time! >_> Well, really, you can talk about anything here. I don't care. I'm just bored for a little bit and making this for no apparent reason, and as such, may that be the chaos that inspires the randomness of the topics you choose to talk about. I encourage longevity here, and so shall you express it with the utmost grace or arrogance possible.
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04:57 AM
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