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Where anything can and does happen. This group is intended for all the what-not and Hijinx that may or maynot be clan related.
35 3 20 0
03:30 AM
Hey join if you have at least 1 or more shiny pokemon, Eved pokemon, or Shiny Eved pokemon. Must have at least 1 shiny pokemon Period. Post your pics of shiny pokemon here host giveaways trades here!
35 4 29 0
08:08 AM
Do you collect legendarys? Dream of having all the legendarys? Well, if your a fan of legendary in any way, this is the group for you! We can help you get legendarys and answer your questions!
34 5 95 0
12:48 AM
Created to bring together established and experienced Roleplayers who like participating in RPs with others of equal or similar writing skill. People who are saddened by the quality of RPs on PE2K and wishing to set an example, this is the group for you. (Apply and wait to be accepted. At least, I think that's what "Moderated" means).
34 1 27 1
11:01 PM
From Pokemon to Animal Crossing to Zelda, this club is for all those who absolutely LOVE Nintendo.
34 1 31 0
03:19 PM
for people who like stuff like pickles or planet unicorn or anything else its for almost all of you JOIN TODAY!xD
33 4 645 0
05:22 PM
Talk about Naruto anime here. You can also talk about Shippuden or manga.
33 1 85 0
05:55 AM
Are you from another planet? Are you NOT a human? Want to destroy the Human Club? This is the club for you. NO HUMANS ALLOWED!
32 2 477 0
12:19 AM
This is the place 4 U if U R a total Pokemon fanatic and one of UR fave Pokemon is Darkrai (Like myself!)!
31 6 184 0
08:23 PM
U like making spites? Good because thats what we do. If you have talent, bonus! If you don't we teach you. So whatcha waiting for join!
30 3 29 0
06:14 PM
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