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The mudkip rawks. Join if u agree!
68 4 306 0
04:20 PM
Welcome to the Wi-Fi League! In this social group, feel free to discuss anything pertaining to the league, such as your favourite league Pokemon, awesome strategies or just chit chat.
19 2 14 0
01:13 AM
Clockwork Destiny. It centers around this academy that hosts a month long competition in which the students in the school compete for the title of clockwork knights. Anyway, inside the school there is a temporal stasis field that can turn a month of real world time into years of temporal displacement time. The parents sign a field trip "form" for the students to compete but the form is actually a waiver for the students. If the students are hurt then the time managers rewind time and the wound is healed
5 3 9 0
11:21 PM
All the Fans of Thunder Pokemon! Join Now! All of the Elite Thunder Trainers are Here!
7 1 5 0
04:37 PM
All discussion of Meta Knight goes here. (if your a fan of him, Lol) (yes, I had to like the freak I am)
1 1 1 0
06:11 AM
This is for all the fans of the Shiny or Non-Shiny Eevee Family! Long live Eevee <3
9 3 7 0
03:32 AM
For fans of Eevee, Vaporeon, Flareon, Umbreon, Jolteon, Espeon, Glaceon, and Leafeon.
52 1 173 0
10:06 PM
Join the all powerful Team Magma and help destroy Team Aqua!
16 2 27 0
09:59 PM
This group is for the awesome peeps of PE2K. If you are an awesome person then you should join. FTW! Oh yeah, no losing the game.
24 2 13 0
09:39 PM
In this club you can chat about your favourite pokemon!!!!!!!!
8 1 19 0
02:54 PM
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