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PE2K Branch I am now closing this Social Group. The Clan is now a Thead and has already been made official. Please join the rest of us there. Here's the link:
9 9 19 0
05:49 PM
Welcome to Team Aura! We capture and sell rare pokemon! We will soon be the most powerfulest group here! Join today!
5 7 21 0
10:35 PM
This is a mobile base of operations for Team Rocket. All TR members are encouraged to join. Our onboard AI: Ikumi will welcome you and provide you with all of the essentials. Presidential and penthouse suites are available for high ranking officers and comfy barracks for low ranked personel. We have a Jamba Juice, Starbucks, Cookie shop, movie theater, indoor swimming pool, research institution, and a miniaiture golf course. A food court is also available for you to quell your hunger. The ship will return to Sinnoh to refuel on the 22nd of every month. Current Location: Eastern Orre
12 7 35 0
08:45 AM
post your sprites!
43 7 77 0
03:26 PM
Join if you like to hang out and do stuff. Please keep your posts in the right discussion.
1 7 8 0
06:37 AM
If you're a Pe2k member, join this group. o:
313 7 309 0
05:56 PM
Hello, and welcome to the world of Vanilla, and candy clouds! Have fun, and remember; Post fudge and die. WE ARE THE FREDOM FUDGE FIGHTERS OF PE2K!
4 6 89 0
03:55 PM
For those that know what this means, and hate it.
7 6 77 0
10:55 PM
This is the place 4 U if U R a total Pokemon fanatic and one of UR fave Pokemon is Darkrai (Like myself!)!
31 6 184 0
09:23 PM
one day, a team was made this team owned a hill with a floating amazing mansion over it. please, join the team. staff: Latio-Nytro Goldenwynaut most duded
2 5 43 0
02:01 PM
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