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An Exclusive Group for the People who GOT THIS! This is basically a Web Comic. It requires much effort to add SEVERAL people.. >.> I will add people when I see fit to add them. So if I deny you an invitation, (VIA PM) Then don't be sad, as I most likely couldn't fit you in anywhere. If you wish to Join, You'll have to show me a picture of yourself after I add you. That's the only rule that I have. xD UPDATE!
5 2 33 0
11:26 AM
Answer a few questions. Do you like to sprite? Have you created Fakemon? Do you like team projects? Have you created a fake region, fake gym leaders, cool concepts or have excellent ideas? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions... COME ON IN AND JOIN THE PARTY! You are officially invited to the Fake Region Club! Here you will be able to participate in group regions and projects, get C+CC for Fakemon designs/concepts/sprites, maps and ideas and showcase your region/ideas/Fakemon. We'd love you to join! (It's alright, we don't bite. ;~;)
16 2 16 0
09:33 AM
This is for anyone who likes infernape, lucario, or them both.
7 2 5 0
04:22 AM
This group is for the awesome peeps of PE2K. If you are an awesome person then you should join. FTW! Oh yeah, no losing the game.
24 2 13 0
08:39 PM
Gijinka! Personally I think Mewtwo's the best gijinka, but this is for all gijinka fans.
5 2 4 0
06:30 PM
A group where you sprite like crazy! [Spriters only!]
56 2 28 0
09:31 PM
You got a messload of events?
4 2 3 0
01:23 AM
This club is for all you people who like to breed Pokemon! Here we may discuss breeding, get help on them, and even brag about your awesome Gible you got that everyone else doesn't care about! Or how you bred that perfect IV togepi!
6 2 7 0
10:11 PM
Dude, ex-staff member, one of the best Pikachus you'll meet, great writer, graphic artist, ect. He needs a fan club! WE ALL LOVE THIS GUY! =D So, yes, this is THE Neo Pikachu fan club. Neo Pichus and Neo Raichus .... err .... Not here. =x
22 2 5 0
10:33 PM
This group is for anyone in the ASB who enjoys it. Or something. *insert some cheesy saying here*
17 2 14 0
03:38 PM
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