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For all of you who like to party, I'm sorry; you must be in my RP. We have reached 51 pages and we are throwing a party for this accomplisment. Party away, fellow RP'ers!
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This is a group for those who what a leader who`s fair & we do tons of fun like battle & just do anything you what to do.So join in on all the fun!!!! So, please join thank you!!
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If you like Manga or want to get into it come here and discuss titles and show your drawings and your ideas of mangas that you would create and anything to do with manga! Enjoy!
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any one who has cheats on pokemon diamond andpeal poke mon leaf green fire red pokemon ruby and the rest so come and join in the fun :)
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Buahahahaha... Welcome to my Lair of Doom...
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for those who love the pokemon porygon are welcome. ANYONE IS WELCOME even is you don't like porygon. you can talk about any pokemon you want
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only for those who LOVE Mew and Mewtwo
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for those who love to play Call of duty
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People who like me and want to know more about me
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enjoy chatting to all your clan buddies nut only if you have SS's permission or has given you the OK
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